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Longreads 1

December 10, 2015

Longreads are plagued by poor writing & worse editing. It’s not unusual to not know what the heck you are reading even after you’ve read it a few times. If I have the energy to spare I’m going to unleash my inner OCD on the worst offenders I run across.


Ebola epilogue. Well I never got to West Africa. But I did acquire two new native Bénin pups. 

December 10, 2015

I got everything to apply for a Bénin visa. Meanwhile I’ve misplaced my passport. It will turn up – this is a small house. 
Also I tried to get Nestor here on a tourist visa & it was denied for really no reason except he hadn’t traveled anywhere else. We have 100 PCVs there. 10-15% of our citizen have West African roots & we treat them like third class citizens. They can’t even get temp ag jobs. That’s for south of the border. 
So here are the new pups  


They are from the same litter from a village without non indigenous dogs. I was told the litter was for vodun sacrifice (!!)