I have terrible fatigue problems and I forgot to renew my passport. It has also been a thrash to get the passport renewal done. First I had to do the application. Then the photo came back unacceptably attached (?) Then I got the renewal notice. Two months later I start wondering where it is. Apparently lost in the mail. So they renew based on travel date My travel date can’t be planned without a passport. So when they called after getting my lost passport form I said ” yesterday” and they offered end of the month. This gives me time to see if I can get a place in any of the organizations in West Africa helping with Ebola. Avaaz out of nowhere sent an email offering opportunities so I’ll call them and MAF. Even if I go who knows if I’d be useful. I think my best use would be going out to villages. Not intellectually draining of challenging.

If it spreads to Benin I’m not even asking, I’ll just get my visa, license, papers, & go.


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